Free Birthing Plan Checklist

Be sure to share your birth plan with your healthcare/cheerleading team. Birth is unpredictable and sometimes the unexpected happens. 

This FREE checklist is a guide to help you navigate through your options and help educate you on all alternatives in case an emergency arises. 

Use this checklist to create a Birth & alternatives plan.



Home birth, elective cesarean section, emergency cesarean section, Vaginal after cesarean section, hospital birth, water birth? Midwife or OB?

Whatever the birthplace or practitioner of your choice is, I am here to provide you with compassionate, judgement free, educational, emotional support the way you desire and deserve.

Right now, you’re probably scared, worried, confused, and overwhelmed, I was feeling those exact emotions during my pregnancy. Or maybe your feelings shifts from time to time, (that’s part of the hormonal changes) from confident, sexy, beautiful and driven to feeling empty, down and disappointed.  

These feelings can be difficult to navigate, but you’ve got me and I understand. I understand because, I’ve been there…

Pregnancy raises lots of emotions and feelings which is why my GLAM method will transform your mindset around pregnancy, childbirth & parenthood.

Together we will Go deeper, Loving internally & externally, Also adding self~care to carry you on your pregnancy, labor & parenting journey, to Make you feel strong and empowered.

I’m here to provide you with customized personal support that suits you like your favorite pair of stilettos.

Glam Doula without a personal agenda, just love and support! Equipped with empathy and skill to  helping you identify the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience you desire.

Birth has a huge impact on our lives as women and it is my belief that a woman who feels great about herself on the outside will ultimately feel great about herself inside.

It’s not over, I’ve got your back and belly.

Despite living on the other side of the globe, you guided me through pregnancy and helped me plan my birth. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to have an unwanted emergency c section. During the difficult times that followed you guided, validated and comforted me. I am eternally grateful for the breastfeeding and hand expressing tips too! Great job and keep it up!
— Rita Pierre

Birth is unpredictable, but together we can build an action plan so you can achieve your goals, with knowledge about your options and alternatives if things doesn’t go as planned. Creating a plan helps raise your awareness about what options are available in the care for you & your baby. Through visualization, manifestation and affirmations we will prepare for your labor without fear. You are my number one priority, my commitment to you is to meet your needs from your pregnancy all the way through your postpartum period and right through your baby(ies) first birthday.

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